Quality, durability and comfort are part of our DNA. Each fabric is chosen with the greatest attention and meets strict criteria, including softness.

100% of the cotton used by our supplier STANLEY/STELLA is organic cotton.

The reasons why we love organic cotton :

To protect our skin 

Certain fabrics cause rashes. That’s why it is suitable to buy our organic tops, as these clothes are made up of 100% organic cotton, and are very comfortable, soft and toxin free. And the best part, they are easy to care!

To prevent allergies 

More and more kids and adults are becoming prone to allergies and sensitivity. Most of the kids develop reactions and sensitivity to chemicals early. That’s why some doctors nowadays recommend using organic products not only for kids but for adults as well. Organic tops are not only comfortable but are safe as well.

To save money and to preserve our environment 

Though many people think that buying organic clothes are a waste of money, but the truth that organic clothes are safer for our kids and ourselves as well as for our environment cannot be denied.

Because the cotton fibers are not treated with dangerous chemicals and toxins such as dyes or bleaches, they don’t break down as easily as those fibers which go under chemical process. Since they are made of chemical free and 100% organic material, they last longer and do not start fading after few uses or washes, and hence save us money and preserve our environment at the same time. 

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